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Candies Out the Jar
White Structure

For K -5 Grade

Puzzle Hunt Writing

Course Description:

Over the course of meetings, we will develop problem-solving skills in a fun and relaxed way through introducing the idea of a puzzle/puzzle hunt and delve into common techniques used. We will cover basic cryptography, wordplay, as well as general puzzle-solving strategies. Throughout the course, we will work together to solve a variety of different puzzles and aim to have students create their own challenge by the end.

Candies Out the Jar
Green Goodness

For 2 -6 Grade

English Short Story Writing 

Course Description:

This course will build on skills students have already learned in school to give them a more cohesive understanding of story planning, writing, and editing. It will help students develop an enthusiasm for creative writing. It takes students step by step through the writing process, guiding them to finish their own short stories by the end of the 6 to 12 weeks of class. It addresses important writing skills such as clarity, details, and literary devices to build a strong foundation for more advanced story writing. 


Trees in the Wind
Square Stage

For 2 -6 Grade

Marble Surface

Scratch: Introduction to Programming

Course Description:

In recent times, programming has become a well sought-after skill. Of the many languages out there, programming often seems daunting, especially to children. In this course, we tackle basic programming etiquette, the basic programming logic, and the block-based language Scratch.



Nothing at all. If they have a positive attitude about learning, I believe anyone would be able to gain significant knowledge from this course. 

For 6-12 Grade

Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology

Course Description:

This course will provide the basic knowledge and framework of cell and molecular biology. Students will begin with an overview on the discipline of biology, before diving into cell/molecular biology. Topics will include cell structure and activity, basic genetics, and connection to anatomy.


There are no strict requirements before taking this course. Some experience with science will be helpful.

English Language Art Reading Class

Course Description:

Reading comprehension is a skill that students use all throughout their educational journey and well into their adult life. It’s important that students develop good reading comprehension skills early on in their schooling to support them not only in English classes, but also in many other classes that they will take. This class will teach students how to effectively intake information from readings and accurately answer questions based on the text. 


For PreK, K -6 Grade

Hand-On Science

Course Description:

We will work with students to create and build upon a foundational knowledge of biology through activities and hands on experience, with no previous knowledge required. By the end, we will have gone over material and prepped the students for elementary and middle school biology classes. This course is designed to cover basic biology at a level easily understood by 2nd through 5th grade students, while still making the experience enjoyable.

Glass of Milk

For 2 -5 Grade

For 5-12 Grade

Python: An Introductory Course

Course Description:

Over the years, Python has become one of the most versatile languages available today. In this 10-day course, you will learn the basics of Python 3 syntax, control flow, as well as data structures, and apply these to a project.



I believe that anyone can program, so there are no prerequisites. However, this material will most likely be new to most of the students and presented in a short span of time.

Math Kangaroo Class Level 1&2 and 3&4

Course Description:

In this class, students will prepare for the math kangaroo math competition and higher level math by working with math concepts ranging from logic to geometry. Students will be taught how to look at math problems from a more holistic standpoint to answer problems that aren’t immediately obvious at first glance



Students must be familiar with the following math concepts before starting this class to maximize the amount of time that can be spent learning new information:

● Basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

● Understanding of number systems such as fractions and          decimals.

For 1-5 Grade

Raven Progressive Matrices for K 

Course Description:

Raven Progressive Matrices are commonly used as an entrance exam for gifted programs all over the country. This class will teach students how to identify different patterns and effectively use problem-solving skills and abstract reasoning to answer Raven Standard Progressive Matrices. Students will improve their logical and creative thinking skills. 
Prerequisites:  This class is designed for students currently in kindergarten and first grade. All students should be in one of the appropriate grade levels to ensure that they learn the material best suited to their capabilities. 

For K-2 Grade

For K-12 Grade

Introduction to Spanish

Course Description:

Through this free 10-week course, students will be able to create and interpret simple sentences written in Spanish.



There are no strict requirements before taking this course. anyone with a computer can join.

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Keyboard and Mouse

For 6-12 Grade

Java and Object-Oriented Programming

Course Description:
Java, currently sitting at the second most popular programming language is one of the easiest and most powerful languages available, During this 7-week course, you will learn the basic syntax of Java along with moving to a more advanced topic such as object-oriented programming

While the class will be much easier if the student has prior programming experience. It is not required since everything needed will be taught in this 7-week course

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